Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Learning new games with the Peace Corp volunteer


Recently, the children have been playing different games in small groups of peers. Brian, a Peace Corp volunteer, plays with them and shows them how to play some of the games. Playing with puzzles is one of the activities they enjoy the most 

Church group donates dolls to the kids club

Metaha (Good day)

The Dutch Reformed Church group donated 60 dolls to the kids club. Every doll looks different from the others. Before every child received a doll, the children were told how each one is made special because no one looks the same as the next one. They were told to accept and love themselves because no one on earth looks exactly like anyone else.

Every child received a doll

Children learning that they are special

Happy to take a doll home

Uharee nawa (Enjoy your day)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Last item for the year


The year came to an end and different games were played with the kids to enoy the last day of the club for the year 2011. Two VSO volunteers joined the club and played some games with the children. The children had an opportunity to say what they enjoyed the most from the club activities during the year. They mentioned computer classes, sport and reading as the top 3 activities they enjoyed the most. We agreed to make a soccer and netball team next year and 4 children were nominated as team leaders for the sport groups.
The VSO volunteers promised to support the club next year by training more youth that should assist the club. This will be an opportunity to divide the club according to age groups to make it more manageable.

In conclusion, a Red Cross board member addressed the children on the importance of attending the club so that they can gain information and skills through the games.

It is time for the 3 year old boy to enjoy his apple.

Each child is trying to get the apple from the backet with the mouth

Lining up for refreshment after the long day of playing games

The children have to balance the ball with their arms from the one end to another.

The children got a plate with brochens and a sausage. The local shops donated food for a value of N$150.

Baby Hope with Alison, the Peace Corp volunteer. Hope will remained the center of the kids club for the year 2011!

Uharee nawa


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Series of activities

Florence and her sister visit Blaundina and baby Hope

A child writes in his journal

The children show their birthday cards that they all made. So when someone has a birthday, they will be able to have a handmade birthday card made by one of their peers.

Some children playing soccer, a favorite sport of theirs.

Some children playing jump rope

Baby Hope

Some of the Omapititor Weyuva class volunteers

The children playing an outdoor game

Mrs Mutambo having a discussion with the girls

Some time past and several activities took place but could not be put on the blog due to the technology that failed the team. From now, the blog will be published every Wednesday. Let me just give you update on different activities that happened during this period.

Florence visit

Florence Ahlborne, a lady who is assisting the Omapitiroweyuva kids club and her sister, visited Opuwo in August. She met some of the kids at a church service where they welcomed her with a choir. They visited 2 volunteers at their homes and one teenage daughter that had to drop out of school due to pregnancy. She gave psychosocial support the daughter and one of the volunteer who just lost her child. The other volunteer whom she visited was Blaundina and her little Hope, who was 2 months by then. Florence gave bracelets to the children and these gift was very much appreciated.

Watching movies

The town of Opuwo experienced wind during the month of October and the children were forced to watch movies for 2 consecutive Fridays. Due to the large number of the attendance at the club, a movie does not require much space for movements as everyone will sit quiet and concentrates at the big screen.


It was time to make sure that every journal in the shelf has an owner and everyone has a journal. Some of the children left the club due to different reasons like changing of schools while some are not interested anymore. In the contrary, a large number of children joined the club this year and are really enjoying every Friday. It made them very much proud to have a journal of their own.

Uharee nawa


Friday, September 2, 2011


Metaha/Good day

Find the pictures for the end of term post.

Children are supporting each other with the bicycle riding because the majority do not know how to ride.

Girls are gaining confidence on the double sit bicycle; only the 1 in the front sit know how to ride.

This group is having fun with puzzles while waiting for their turn with the bicycle

Please find more pictures and videos at the right side of the blog. If you read these posts, please let us know.

Uharee nawa/Cheers


Sunday, August 28, 2011

End of term


Last Friday was the last day for the second school term and children came in big numbers. The bicycle shop provided 3 bicycles for the children to learn how to ride. Two bicycles were used by the older children and a small one for the younger children. The children who know how to ride a bike were teaching those who don' know. Sometimes pushing the bike and telling the one who is ridding to look forward was the only way to teach. For many children it was the first time to ride a bike and focus was therefore a challenge.
While some were riding, the rest of the children were playing games. It was a lot of fun but also frightening for some children who never got a chance to ride a bike. Volunteers made sure that most of the children got a chance to ride. We realized that we should do more of this lessons until everyone knows.This Friday was the last day for the classes for this term and the children will go for the school holiday.

The computer where the pictures are saved is currently experiencing problems with connection to the internet and the pictures cannot be published with this posts. You will definitely see the picture in the next blog.

Uharee nawa/Cheers


Monday, August 15, 2011

Shoe box gifts


64 children received gifts which were packed in a shoe box. In each box, there were items such as shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, pens, different pencils, some note books, toys and games. Each box was different from the other as it was given by individual children. These gifts were facilitated by a friend in Outjo, Wilma Schoeman, who got them from Netherlands. Early this year, Wilma requested for a list of children to get the donation, therefore only children who were in the club last year received the gifts two weeks ago.

The children who got games in their boxes were requested to donate them to the whole group. These games are kept at the office for everyone to play with. Last Friday, the children sat inside the office yard and chose games they wanted to play with; which varied from different puzzles, cards, dominoes, skipping robes, balls etc. Some games could be played by one person while others could be played in different group sizes.

Each child took part in different games as he or she wished.

It is real joy to watch children playing and enjoying themselves that much as we could see them jumping up and down with smiles on their faces.

The Omapitiro Weyuva club is extending its gratitude to the children in Netherlands who donated the shoe boxes, Wilma Schoeman and everyone who facilitated this process for the gifts to reach our club.

The twins are happy to receive their boxes

The puzzle brought these two so close to each other as they are constructing a car (toy)

The games encouraged the children to built team work among themselves.

Another group enjoying the card's game

Under the tree, assisted by a volunteer who illustrated some of the difficult games.

Uharee nawa/ Cheers for now